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I have some great news to share. Park Place Design is moving! Yes that's right I am moving from my home stuido to a new bigger store front. I am moving into a bigger studio space. My wedding business has grown leaps and bounds and working from home is no longer working because of space.
   I am so excited I can hardly wait. I signed the lease last Friday and should have the keys in a day or two. I dread the moving part BUT it comes at a good time where I have some time off to make the move. May is a crazy wedding month I will be moved in and ready to rock it out. I am a little sorry I still can not work from home. BUT my children are all bigger and in school full time so me being here all day is not really necessary anymore. I will post pics of my new space as soon as I get settled.
  Mean time I had some photos taken this weekend from

I think they turned out very nice. I will use them in wedding business and for professional use. Have a grea…

Regal Princess

I as sent these amazing photos today form the birthday party on Saturday. They photos are so amazing. This was titled  Regal Princess and boy they sure are. Thanks

When clients want more then just wedding work

When I started this small little wedding biz at home I never EVER thought that it would bloom into the amazing design studio that it has become. I have groom leeps and bounds in the past few years. My brides are fun, have amazing tastes and trust me to make their floral dreams a reality. I have worked with some amazing vendors who also trust me my talent's and what I have to offer. I always thought I would just do "wedding" designs. Thats all I really thought of or I really wanted to do.
  Jump ahead a few years and here I am. Clients are asking more of Park Place Design. Sadly with more and more traditional flower shops going by the wayside former brides are asking more of my talents this past winter I did a number of  Large Birthday party's, special request from venues, and jobs that are out of the normal for me.

    That brings me to this post. I was ask by a photographer to design from a photo she had from her client birthday center pieces  for her 3 year olds bi…

Family weddings

Family gets married~ My brother in law got married this weekend, In a very small informal wedding. This was the 2nd wedding for both the bride and groom. Of course when the bride asked me to design flowers for them I was MORE then happy to come up with a spring mix of blooms for them and the attendants.

   The church was not decorated to much a few blooms on the chairs. A small short ceremony they off to get photos then to Clara's on the river for dinner and talking. All in all it was the perfect day for them great family times and dinner. Here are a few photos I took I added some fun elements that the bride and groom were not expecting. BUT of course that's what the flower lady does. Congrats to my new family!


Here are some photos from a new photography person I had the pleasure of meeting one Saturday at the Lawton Community Center.  I love the way Amy captured my flowers and dispaly space.

Vintage Props to set the stage

If your looking to set the stage for your wedding in rustic barn, or vintage glam I have some prop's for rent~ anything from milk glass, ball blue mason jars, chandeliers, flower box's, rustic chairs, doors, vintage suit cases, anything to set the stage I am sure I have... really fun stuff. Email me @ with rental questions.

It's always nice to be recognized

When I was contacted by the Michigan Floral association to do a write up about myself and my wedding biz  jumped at it. Having your peers want to hear about you and your work is always a nice way to boost yourself.
  I have been attending the Michigan floral asso Great Lake Floral convention for 4 years now. Its where I come together with my peers, friends and mentors who all shore the same passion as I do a HUGE group who all love the same job, it is amazing.I also enter in some of the desinger contest too. I entered 3 this year but did not place. It was fun. 3 days of flowers, class's and jut hanging out. So here s my write up about me and my wedding business.

Lawton Community Center 2012

I was asked to attend the taste testing event in Lawton.  I got to set up a booth and talk to many bride that have the venue booked and need flowers. Here are photos I took of the day. there was a pro there and I hope to get some good ones. Theses will have to do. I Think I am DONE with shows. I am burned out just a little. Bring on the weddings..