The New Normal In 2020

It's hard to think about the season of weddings in 2020. the start of the year was so promising. But as march came and the pandemic hit. Thousands of couples were at a loss. Many of us were lost. With my books full for the 2020 season, everything and everyone was on hold. Weeks went by and I sat and waited for news of how this would play out. Michigan's governor was being hard on all of us.
 As an event only designer I needed to think of ways to get couples married and with the guest count so low. I was seeing the word "Micro" weddings pop up. I knew I needed to hit on that. I opened the shop up for retail about the end of April.  The first of May. I hit the ground running. Where and how can I showcase and tell these couples about Mico weddings?
  Well, I  did a lot of small advertising on Facebook and it started to get inquires. I have to date 6 Micro weddings under my belt. Small back yard weddings with really fun people. Here is a couple of small Micro weddings from the end of May. the couple's really had a great plan and I helped pull it together with the help of other creatives. I still don't know where this COVID season is going but I do feel good I am still working.


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