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Last July wedding of 2012

Today was a sunny, warm, perfect July day for a wedding. I Have been working with this bride and her mother all year. They were planing a sunflower simple church wedding. I manage to get a few photos or my blog of the little details of this wedding. It turned out lovely. Best of all they LOVED the flowers. The reception was at

How about a barn wedding?

Here in Michigan barn weddings are all the rage. I just love the look of them rustic charm, lot's of old memories.

 Here is yt another wedding at Mill Creek Barn,

Yarrow weddings

Here are again some amazing photos of Yarrow, I have done many wedding there is summer. I live so close that its only a hop skip and jump for me to get there. Amy and Jenny are from Chicago and booked me well over a year in advance. I love the bright red color of the wedding on the white tent. Really pops

Medalist Golf course

He are some pro shots I got today in my email. I LOVE spring and i love peonies too..Just look at the photos and smell the godlessness of that flowers!

Winery Wedding

Boy another HOT Saturday in Michigan. But that did not stop Park Place Design Just look at the cute little pictures I got if this wedding at Lawton Winery I have been here a lot this summer.. LOVE this place. Thistle. hydrangeas, grapes,  clematis, huge ranuculus was use for this wedding..

Purples still hot in 2012

Purple is still a very much asked for color here in Michigan, These photos are from from Kimmy and Jori. This wedding took place in Marshall then at Yarrow golf center, purple hydrangeas, carns, and lizzy with a creamy hydrangeas just made this spring wedding pop.

Back At It.

Well that was a fast 10 days off from flowers.. I am back at it again with   a 2 wedding weekend. Park Place Design LOVE  Lawton and the best place for a wedding is the winery there. I love the look of the place. Such a great group of people that work there. Here is a few pics I got to. It was 105 today in Michigan the weather is unreal. HOT, humid, and no rain in weeks. How long do you think my white lily bouquet lasted in the heat? I am sure NOT very long