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Show Stopper

I love the new year January bridal shows, all the inquires from new brides to talk about their flowers. New and inspiring ideas I see all over the web. This past year was no exception I have been wanting to design an all broach bouquet! I LOVE them. The hunt was on I looked  all over high and low to make a vintage bouquet tho my efforts paid off some I did have to break down and buy some "new" pins to add to this bouquet. I think it turned out FAB. all the brides, mothers and really grandmothers just love it. So many ohhh ahhh's made me feel so good. I will say if I had to make one it would cost a small fortune all the time hunting for the little devils is unreal and some are so pricy. I told may brides if they wanted to find the pins I would assemble them for a fee.So here it is my "show stopper" Tell me what you think?