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Other things then wedding work

I never really wanted to do anything other then wedding desings. I have in the past always turned done funerals(other then family) prom Mothers day etc. This year has been the year for request so I have been taking a few of them I set minimums for this type of work. My coolers are not full everyday with flowers so every thing is special ordered for the order. This is a request I got this week for table pieces for a wine party. The customer made the box's and I filled them I think they turned out very cool. I will deliver them in the afternoon I am sure they will love them too. If you are interested in Park Place Design for something other then wedding work my minimums  are as follows funeral work 150.00. table scapes start at 250.00, holiday party work starts at 300.00. Some clients also want us to revamp some of  pieces they have this starts at 100.00. Weekly floral for your office starts at 100.00 a week.