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Medalist Golf culb Marshall Mi

So I forgot I had another double weekend one on Friday! I woke up to a cold, rainy, bad Michigan fall day. I had to deliver flowers by 2:00 and it was not looking good. BUT the clouds parted and the sun broke just enough to get a few pictures. Here is a stunning bouquet if I say so myself. I loved the way it turned out..

Medalist Marshall Mi.

I say it over and over BUT when I get pro shots back its so cool. Take theses from Bright Eyes Donna sent some photos so soon the wedding was Saturday. Take a look at theses. Thank you Donna they are great!

More Crazy wedding weekend's

I had two HUGE and wonderful wedding this weekend and they both went off with out a hitch(well a little rain got in the way) This one was in Marshall Mi. at The Medalist Golf Club. My bride had wonderful taste her and I and the groom sat and pick out wonderful trendy designs that would complaint the outside decor of the grounds. I think it turned out wonderful. Here is a little taste!!