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Trends I Am Seeing within my clients!

My couples who book me tend to be the couples who want lush, full, Big, romantic styles. I am here to for full that dream:) soft blush flowers, flowing greenery just my style. Tho I am well trained to do any style wedding from small to ball room this seems to be my trend as of now. This beautiful late summer wedding was all the bells and whistles. Flowers everywhere. the bridal hair, tables, floral party signs, Hanging floral hoops. just stunning. Find me here . Looking forward to 2019 

More bridal show photos

More bridal show photos. This casscade was a hit, brides love it! I am getting more and more request for them.

This flowergirl wand was also a big hit. Simple yet so cute.
I wanted to show some really cute yet cost effective center pc. ideas to my bride. I think this is lovely and very attractive too. enjoy~

When Art Meets Art

Saturday at the Kalamazoo bridal I was able to show case a lot of my wedding designs and one good thing about flowers people LOVE them and they bring smiles to all. My good photography friends are always so willing to take artful photos of my work~ here is some of that ART MEETS ART..Stephanie Karen LOVE her work!!!