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Gull Lake Country Club

Some amazing photos from Here is a wedding at Gull Lake country Club back in Sept. Jess was a bride who had booked me well in advance. Here wedding was amazing. Stephanie managed to send me these great photos rom that day. Thank you so much.

June wedding Simmon 2010

Patty was a bride that was SMART not only did she book Park Place Design for her wedding flowers she booked 14 months ahead for time! Patty also knew just what she wanted too. The right shades of pink for her maids and the right pink roses bouquet for herself. The photos are amazing they are amazing, her weding took place in Kalamazoo and the party at Gull Lake country Club.

Haylee dixon photography

Things Just get better~

More fall photos roll in to my in box. These wonderful photos are from Michael Terri more great photographer's get a hold of them at
This was a November wedding at St. Ann's and the reception was at Gull Lake country club. For a November day it was warm and sunny.My bride choose to use charlie brown orchids, roses, hypericum berries, seeded eucalyptus for her maids brown dresses.

My most asked for table arrangment in 2009

for 2009 Pomanders are my best sellers by far. I sells 100's of them to my brides they are fun, cute and very useful. Hang them on chairs, then use them as center pieces in the hall sitting on tall glass vases. Most Carnation pomanders stat at 38.00 and can run into 85.00 each depending on the flowers used but if your using in 2 spots it's a GREAT value. Next are my Manzanita Trees, fresh flowers, hanging crystals and lighted votives! oh what a fun way to add to your decor. My tress start at 85.00 and can run into 150.00 depending on the flowers used.
Next my tall arrangement's with willow are FUN!!! they can be used any time of the year. These start with the rented vases at 65.00.. I hope that this gives bride a since of prices and style when choosing styles for your wedding day...

These photo's are of my own work.

Loving the new cake designs

This wonderful display of 31 table pc was designed for Gull Lake Country Club. I think it was stunning for a November wedding.

How pretty is this cake? such great design and the green flowers are to die for~

I love that the brides are picking simple cakes with not a lot of fuss. simple elegant white cakes with very little details just wonderful flowers added to them~

Details, details,

Most of my readers know I love details, (I think that's my calling)Just look at the fun details I got to do for this wedding~ From the great fall wicker pomanders, to the monogram's on the wall! Everything just blending well with Gull Lake country club.
Audrey, wanted an all white wedding bouquet so for her I designed an all Eskimo white rose with mini calla bouquet. I used seeded euq. for the greens. very stunning

More from saturdays wedding

Here are more photos from the wedding at Gull Lake. I use the pomanders from the wedding and placed them on the tables at the hall.
You can really get a lot of uses out of the flowers you choose. Make sure you work with a designer that can utilize all your flowers..

Gull Lake Country Club

Saturdays wedding went very well despite it looked like rain all morning and into the afternoon! As I drove to the event was hoping the rain would stay away knowing I had an arch to decorate and outside flowers to get up. But low and behold the rain stayed away and a little bit of sun came out while the wedding was going on. What a wonderful day it turned out to be~
My bride was radiant and so calm and cool.. She was so happy with her flowers too. They were simple but very cute. Happy wedding Alisha~