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Raddison Plaza Hotel Wedding

This amazing fall wedding took place in Kalamazoo Michigan at the Raddison plaza hotel. The bride and groom were a gem to work with. Her fall bridal bouquet was deep jewel tones. The plaza looked amazing. 

Henderson Castle Kalamazoo Michigan

I love a wedding with a little different flare and Henderson Castle is just that. This lovely fall wedding was outside in the garden. With such amazing details in the kilts the men wore and the fall colors in the bouquets it is stunning. Enjoy these amazing photos.

Fall is right around the corner

Fall! I can honestly say I love fall time. The fall elements are o fun to work with. Sunday I had a wedding at Yarrow. Yarrow has been a huge venue for me this wedding season. Here are a couple of photos I got of the bouquet I made. I also got a wonderful thank you today in my email from the bride.
   The theme was woodsy romance O think we made it happen.
Oh how I love to open up my e mail in the dead of winter t find sunny pretty flowers just waiting to remind me of the summer and fall. I have to say thank you again to Michale Terri studios. for capturing theses amazing Michigan fall shots. Just look at the early fall colors. Oh how I long to see you. But I can wait. wont be to long and the robins will be building there nest and fun flowers will peek their head up from my gardens. enjoy~Tracy