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Fall is right around the corner

Fall! I can honestly say I love fall time. The fall elements are o fun to work with. Sunday I had a wedding at Yarrow. Yarrow has been a huge venue for me this wedding season. Here are a couple of photos I got of the bouquet I made. I also got a wonderful thank you today in my email from the bride.
   The theme was woodsy romance O think we made it happen.

Yarrow Wedding Photos

This morning it was a total down pour but by 1:00 It was sunny and nice. Here is a Park Place Design bride that I have had booked since last year and what a fun bride! These photos I got today show what a fall wedding in Mich. looks like. The orange JUST poped with the purple maids gowns. I love all the details bride are picking out to show their style. It really shows here.