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These are the amazing photos from
  I just love the way they turned out. My booth was really a show stopper too..

Fall is right around the corner

Fall! I can honestly say I love fall time. The fall elements are o fun to work with. Sunday I had a wedding at Yarrow. Yarrow has been a huge venue for me this wedding season. Here are a couple of photos I got of the bouquet I made. I also got a wonderful thank you today in my email from the bride.
   The theme was woodsy romance O think we made it happen.

The Kalamazoo flower lady

Hello all! I get many e-mails and phone calls from some wonderful flower friends all over the USA. So many people want to know what my consultant studio looks like and what the Great flower lady looks like. Last night I was outside and my husband snapped a couple of pictures. I hate my photo taken BUT I will post this one. This is me by my studio and my potting bench, Happy August ~