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Summer brides

Most bride when planning a Michigan wedding in January are not thinking to much about HOT, humid, raining Michigan summers. This wedding was not the exception. Sara planned her wedding day on the lake at her In Laws amazing home the day was HOT and sticky about 89 and 104 humidity. I was needless to say "worried" about her flowers being outside all day in the sun.

   Her wedding was scheduled for 5:00 and it went off with out a hitch. except there were 2 processionals! right at 5:00 as most of her maids were down the path it stared to rain and RAIN hard. all the guest had to take cover.  But a few minutes and dry seats later it went off again as I left and drove away I knew she made it down the rose covered path. BUT it stared to rain again and this time HARD!! I felt so bad. BUT it went off and the umbrellas were out. This is an amazing photo the pros took of the couple taking their vow in a soaked cover lawn, I really love this photo. Here is a few I also took before I lef…