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Fall weddings in Michigan

A dear photography friends son was getting married and wanted me to create a few statement flowers for the wedding day. It turned out to be an amazing November day. Just look at the couple. Many young brides just love the dyed orchids I used for this stunning piece. 

Michigan Wedding Flowers

I wanted to buy myself some pretty spring flowers Here in Michigan it has been warm and sunny and I was just in the mood. I made this amazing bouquet and have a photo friend do a small shoot. Just look at these amazing last minute  photos! The are amazing. here is the pros website go visit her.

No Fuss Stress Free Weddings @ Park Place Design

you ask what is a stress free wedding? well let Park Place Design help you with that! Its an elopement BUT not your mothers elopement. The Bride, Groom and 20 guest show up at a designed spot and all the fixings are ready for you to say your vows, Flowers, cake photographer and the officiant. A small wedding cake too. This is a one hour Party then you and the guest leave to party where you want too. Just follow this link to see whats new in wedding trends.

Michigan PopUp Weddings

Have you heard the new rage in elopements? Its Call PopUp weddings, Here at Park Place Design we are going to be adding them to our list of things we provide .
 A popup wedding is just that if your thinking you want to have a wedding but do not want the hassle or cost. We will provide you with all the necessary things that you need.  We will set and style a small wedding for you and 20 of your guest to come watch you get married. The location  can be just about anywhere maybe a museum, lake shore, Castle, apple orchard or garden the places are endless.we will have it all ready and you show up. The officiant will be there, a wedding cake, and have amazing pro photos taken all in one hour time.  Oh and of course some amazing flowers too. PopUps only happen On Mondays, Tuesdays, & Wednesdays.   If you want more information please check out my site.