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Showing posts from May, 2015

Lindsay & Melissa are married

Lindsay and Melissa were the sweeties couple there is and the wedding was to die for. Held at the 310 lot in Kalamazoo Mi. it was the perfect modern wedding for them.  

Bloom work shop

As a designer I am always interested in updating  my skills and seeing whats the next up and coming trend in the wedding industry. I had a chance to attend a really nice work shop in Grand Rapids Michigan. I got to learn a few new things and some old tricks too. Here is a few of the photos I got of my work. If your interested in a fun day here is a link to attend a work shop.

Floral Wreaths

Flower wreaths have become a big trend in the event world. I have been lucky to be asked to design many for brides, and engagement photos. Here is one I just made. I just love how the photos turned out.