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Other Events

Last week one of my planners I work with asked me to design  a few spring center pieces for a 4 year old birthday party. Last year I made some amazing crowns for her 3rd birthday. I was sent a few really cute photos of my works. The pastel vases I made myself and the flowers scream spring.

Going green

How can you not love a green ECO looking bridal bouquet? this is a fun bouquet that many of my followers just love. Burlap, Lambs ear, Green curl fern, garden roses, lots of texture. Great for a barn wedding..

New Logo

It was time to change my logo so  I was away this weekend with some of my dear friends one who is a very talented photographer we were talking about new logos and she whipped this up for me I just love it. It really says what I feel about my business. Earthy, and fun

Inside A Designers Studio

Ever wonder what designers shop looks like inside? when they are all dressed up and ready for a new season. My dear photo friend used my studio to meet her client and while she was there she took some cute pictures of my space, So here it is on a clean day.. LOL enjoy