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Last weddings of 2013

I had 2 weddings this past weekend. I managed to get a few pictures of one of them. I love a Michigan winter wedding. This one had all the charm of it too. A sweet wedding at Cityscape Event center down town Kalamazoo. The bride father built all the wood structures for the wedidng table pieces, etc . I may have them for rent.

Michigan Fall Wedding

I love a fall wedding this cute wedding had some really cute details too. Yarrow is always a fun, rustic, woodsy place for a wedding,

Love this amazing couple

Garden wedding

Who cant help but love a garden wedding and this one is no exception, Once again I love Southern Exposure herb farm. This warn cream and peach wedding in October. The grounds were just amazing and in bloom. Here is my sweet bride and her groom.

Table Numbers

I get may request for table numbers I have a few designs But I saw this type of number posted on another site  and I knew I could make them too. I think gold is making its way back into the wedidng lite. I am seeing more and more of it too. I am thinking these table numbers in gold and bling will be a hit. This is my first one so I should get better as I do more. BUT I am loving it and I am taking it to my show in January. I fact I am taking a lot of gold to the show. Let me know what you think?

Bride with colorful dress

Boy its been awhile since I blogged, Holiday season is upon us and things are still a little crazy. I do have many post to get on here, first here is a sweet wedding I did in October the bride wore a short teal wedding dress I just love they way it looks in these pics. Thanks to
 for sharing them with me. The bride used vintage glass, and table cloths she found while treasure shopping. The reseption   was held at Rose street Market, Very simple but lovely.

Bathroom Love

I know many designers   like to leave their business cards in the bathroom or other places so if people are interested they can take a card. I  have always felt kinda funny and most the time I forget. But when I have extra flowers and a little time I like to make flowers for the ladies bathroom here are a couple of pictures of what I do to display my cards. Makes for a great floral piece and my cards are not just laying around the place. what do you think?

Henderson Castle

I love the old look and feel of Henderson Castle in Kalamazoo mi. Such a historical place to hold and event
  I had an out of town photographer contact me that they were going to be in town and love my style of floral and wanted to know if I would design a flowers for their shoot. I was happy to do it for them. Here are just a few photos of the shoot. I love the garden look of the flowers.

Photo Shoot

I was asked to design flowers for a new ball room revamp at the Raddsion down town Kalamazoo Mi
 I was happy to do so. I think my flowers look amazing in the new ball room set up. The amazing Mellisa Gregerson took the amazing photos here are some photos I got.