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Kalamazoo Bridal show

I will be at the Rose Street Market Bridal show On January 12, 2013, come see the latest  trends in styled table decorating, bridal bouquets and a lot of fun stuff I have planned. If you email me at and tell me your coming I will have something there for you!

Michigan winter weddings

Here are A few photos I received from the photographer from a wedding in Battle Creek a few weekends ago,. Such a cute bride. To bad there is no snow on the ground.   But the wedding looks wonderful. Thank you for the photos..

Wedding vows renewed after 50 years

Here are a few amazing photos from

 This couple have been dear friends of mine for over 23 years. Their youngest daughter Missy is my good friend. They bride and groom were married 50 years ago at the pastors home in Hastings Michigan. They never had a real wedding. So the kids decided it was time. I got to be part of this amazing event and was a guest at the wedding too. I was thrilled to design this heart felt keep sake all fabric wedding bouquet for the bride. Here are some of their photos, they are so lovely.

Non fresh flowers

Well here are some great photos from my bride who wanted music paper flowers. I must say it is really cute I loved they way it turned out. I also made the bridal veil. photos by

Winter wedding December 1, 2012

Welcome to December! Here is a cute winter wedding I did today. My bride Erica wanted to have a winter theme wedding with a dusting of snow on the ground. Well it was about 50 degrees and NO snow. But it put no damper on her day. She was so in love with her flowers. I did Ericka's mothers 2nd wedding about 7 years ago. She was just a teenager, Now she is all grown up and married. BOY am I old..