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Fall is here

Boy today was a sure sign if fall what a beautiful  day for a wedding. It was sunny 72 and a little breeze too. Today's bride had it made. Here are a few shots I got  such a great time..


I cant tell you how much I love to get pro photos! wow it just makes my job so easy. Showcasing my work in such a way that it SELLS! Thanks to    I have some amazing shots from a wedding at This is just a sample I got from them a great team I wanted a ton. But  just took theses get pictures.

Fall is right around the corner

Fall! I can honestly say I love fall time. The fall elements are o fun to work with. Sunday I had a wedding at Yarrow. Yarrow has been a huge venue for me this wedding season. Here are a couple of photos I got of the bouquet I made. I also got a wonderful thank you today in my email from the bride.
   The theme was woodsy romance O think we made it happen.
Here is a sneak peek I got from a bride today. I love this wedding it was at a horse farm in Battle Creek. What a great photo. Keep them coming...I also am seeing a lot of "bow" ties coming back. I think I like it again. What do you think?
Chuppahs  are hot right now. I designed this simple birch chuppah for Rachael and Bills wedidng at Yarrow I think it goes wonderful with the landscape of the golf course. They love it too. If your looking to rent a rustic Chuppah give us a call. It ca be decorated to match any decor..

Last days of summer

 Thank you  Laura For the amazing photos.Oh how fast summer has gone and now September is doing the same thing. I got to use some bright sunny yellows this weekend and used a little hint of fall. What an amazing wedding in Hastings Mi. This bride was such a doll and a great bride to work with, I had this wedding on the books for just about a year. Look at the sunny yellow. A little bit of Yarrow, bunny tails, Just right..

Yarrow Wedding Photos

I have spent a lot of time at this venue this summer and fall. I love this rustic lodge. Here is an organic wedding I did for a TX. bride we did most of the planing over emails. She was thrilled with the choices we made. I love it too

weddings at Southen Exposure Herb Farm

How amazing are these photos from this weekends wedding? There are by Selena Marie Photography

This bride was from Lowell Mi. She found me way over here. Her mother was crying when she seen the flowers  Love that part. I loved that the bride wanted blue mason jars and wood slabs. Some of my favorite stuff..