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Shower love

So last weekend I hosted a little shower for my soon to be sister in law. It is a 2nd marriage for both. But I belive  every bride needs a shower. Her is the show I gave to my soon to be sister in law Mellisa I think it turned out very cute.

winter wedding in Michigan

I have not posted in awhile BUT I just got these amazing photos from last weekends winter wedding They are so pretty. Tho the bride wanted some snow on the ground we did not get any is was a sunny day!

Waldorf Bridal show 2012

I just got a ton of amazing photos from my friend Laura at she had asked me if I would do some pieces for a photo shoot the day after the show at the  of course I could not say NO~ here is just a few I received from her she sent so many, I just love the yellows.

Pro shots from summer

Nothing says Great flowers like pro shots. I have to say photographers  are MY BEST friends. I happen to work with some of the best around. When they ask to use my flowers to enhance their photo work it's really hard to say NO.. I get to have some of the best photos taken of my work

 Here you will see a lovely setting of a bride and groom after the wedding has taken place. Kinda a MOCK wedding. Thanks to the very talented I have theses to add to my collection of great flowers. Thanks Stephine ~