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Fall in Michigan 2011

It is with a heavy sign that I have to report I am at the end of the season with weddings. Oct. is at an end and November has a few odds and ends and one wedding. I will be posting a few of the new photos I get form pros as they come in. 2011 has been a wonderful year for Park Place Design I made a lot of new changes and implemented some new strategies and they have really taken me to the next level. I am looking forward to 2012 with many very nice weddings on the books. January will hold bridal shows, new brides and new trends to try for us. Thanks to all of you who have helped me along the way thanks for your phone calls, your great advise, and most of all the laughs we have on the phone. Your a great friend. 

   Here to a amazing 2012 wedding season and a little down time I am gonna enjoy until January.
I snag theses amazing photos form Cindy and they wedding I did back in September in Kalamazoo. What great photos so bright and fun.  I loved every detail of this wedding from the candy bar from Thanks Ail. to the moss monogram, and the cool tall center pieces on all the tables.  The details were SWEET~
I have some amazing flower photos coming in now that pros are getting caught up with wedding season here are a few from a July wedding. What fun colors! Lindsay was a bride who did all her flower planning on line. She was really unsure of what she wanted.  BUT the end results were fun, festive and cool. She loved them~
So many Pros are fast with pictures. Just look at theses amazing wedding photos from the cold, windy wedding on Saturday. You would never know it.. Thanks to Suedmeyer~Wedding Photography. Look at the happy wedding party and the flowers are soooo pretty if I do say so myself! amazing dendrobium bom orchids for fall I guess I have done just about everything now..

Tropicals in Oct.

Boy was the Michigan weather COLD yesterday winds were 25-30 miles per hour , But that did not stop my bride from having her wedding outside. This bride was my bride who HATES flowers. But she said she liked them when she seen them I did not get any photos of her BUT I know the pro who shot her wedding so I will post as soon as I get some. I did get some of the wedding site. Here is Michigan in Oct. The sun did come out for her wedding. The arbor was made by the bride uncle and was a gift to the new couple.. NO I did not hang the Tulle on it(ugly).. LOL

Fall in Michigan

Just look at this wedding photo from last weekend. Thanks to for showing my flowers and the way Michigan looks  in the fall. What a GREAT photo.

More fall weddings

Here we are at the 2nd weekend of Oct. Boy is the year going to fly by. This wedding was in Kalamazoo at St Catherin church in Portage and the reception was at the Raddison down town Kalamazoo. This wedding screamed fall tons of bright fall colors textures and elements. Sorry to say that it is one of the few I have left for 2011. My winter break will coming up soon.

Other things then wedding work

I never really wanted to do anything other then wedding desings. I have in the past always turned done funerals(other then family) prom Mothers day etc. This year has been the year for request so I have been taking a few of them I set minimums for this type of work. My coolers are not full everyday with flowers so every thing is special ordered for the order. This is a request I got this week for table pieces for a wine party. The customer made the box's and I filled them I think they turned out very cool. I will deliver them in the afternoon I am sure they will love them too. If you are interested in Park Place Design for something other then wedding work my minimums  are as follows funeral work 150.00. table scapes start at 250.00, holiday party work starts at 300.00. Some clients also want us to revamp some of  pieces they have this starts at 100.00. Weekly floral for your office starts at 100.00 a week.

Pro wedding picture

Thanks to another GREAT photographer I was sent this stunning images..

Medalist Golf culb Marshall Mi

So I forgot I had another double weekend one on Friday! I woke up to a cold, rainy, bad Michigan fall day. I had to deliver flowers by 2:00 and it was not looking good. BUT the clouds parted and the sun broke just enough to get a few pictures. Here is a stunning bouquet if I say so myself. I loved the way it turned out..