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Chic Vintage

My studio gets an update about every 12 months. I get  sick of looking at the same walls. I am sure my brides dont because they only see it a couple of times. Well this weekend was some amazing finds at garage sales and flea markets! I added a TON of Blue mason jars to my rentals and my milk glass collection is wild.
   Any Photographer   wanting to rent  my props or would like Park Place Design to  table scape  a shoot for you get in contact with me.

    So here is my reveal. My studio is now a little more chic, vintage I love it. I so love the barn look and all the fun stuff that goes into it. I only wish it was a little bigger. BUT I work with what I have. So enjoy the pics. I have  3 weddings this Labor day weekend. I am excited for.


So I have a few days off and I am really loving it. BUT I miss the flowers! We just returned from a great camping adventure and had an awesome time. Here are a couple of pics I had to share. I caught my kitty taking a nap in my garden so cute. He loves my peaceful flowers growing ~
 Of course I could not help but take a photo of my children by a wonderful flower bed while on vacation. Michigan is feeling the effects of summer coming to an end things are starting to change to fall.

Stetson Chapple wedding photos

Today was another rainy wedding day for my bride. BUT the wedding was inside the chapel and I did capture  a couple of photos before I left the church. The bride was another out of town bride planning her wedding through email. Needless to say she was VERY happy with her flowers~
 Well I wont be posting any weddings till after the 3rd of September, I have a little break then I am back on it again in the fall.

Kellogg Manor House wedding

Just look at this awesome photo it looks just like an old time photo.

Props for photo shoot

When I met Valerie it was at a wedding she was shooting and I did the flowers. Of course you know I bug everyone for pictures. and she sent some GREAT ones. She also wanted to know if I could supply  her with some props for a upcoming bridal shoot. It was last minute but I got her a few and WOW they are amazing..Here are a few. LOVE her work and I plan to do it again with her.

My niece gets married

Meagan was married today on Battle Creek. Good thing the wedding was inside BUT the reception was tented outside and it was a down pour! She is so pretty looked radiant on her wedding day. Tho her parents are divorced I still think of her as my niece.  Hard to belive she is old enough to get married! Here are a few photos I captured of her on her day. She married the nicest boy or should I say man. I wish them years of happiness.


Grand Ledge Opera House wedding

Wow what can I say not only was it an amazing warm sunny day here in Michigan but I was lucky enough to get a wedding in  Grand Ledge What an awesome place. Just look at the river and beauty of it all . I hope I get some really amazing pictures of the inside. My camera dont get inside to well

Kellogg Manor House wedding

HOT that's one word to describe  today's wedding the temps where high and the rain was in the air. So this wedding had to take place inside. But I did get to see the bride and her maids for a quick outdoor photo. I cant wait to get the prone ones back.