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The Kalamazoo flower lady

Hello all! I get many e-mails and phone calls from some wonderful flower friends all over the USA. So many people want to know what my consultant studio looks like and what the Great flower lady looks like. Last night I was outside and my husband snapped a couple of pictures. I hate my photo taken BUT I will post this one. This is me by my studio and my potting bench, Happy August ~

Last wedding in July 2011

Wow seen just yesterday I was thinking what a heavy month July was for me., I am a one women team with a part time helper In the summer months. I feel so blessed to be working so hard and having amazing brides who trust me with their wedding day. Here it is Friday night and I have ALL my July weddings done. Saturday I am offf and I am going to enjoy it until Aug. hits. Here is a sweet bride I got a photo of in down town Vermontville the home of the best maple syrup around.

Summer brides

Most bride when planning a Michigan wedding in January are not thinking to much about HOT, humid, raining Michigan summers. This wedding was not the exception. Sara planned her wedding day on the lake at her In Laws amazing home the day was HOT and sticky about 89 and 104 humidity. I was needless to say "worried" about her flowers being outside all day in the sun.

   Her wedding was scheduled for 5:00 and it went off with out a hitch. except there were 2 processionals! right at 5:00 as most of her maids were down the path it stared to rain and RAIN hard. all the guest had to take cover.  But a few minutes and dry seats later it went off again as I left and drove away I knew she made it down the rose covered path. BUT it stared to rain again and this time HARD!! I felt so bad. BUT it went off and the umbrellas were out. This is an amazing photo the pros took of the couple taking their vow in a soaked cover lawn, I really love this photo. Here is a few I also took before I lef…

Bay pointe Inn wedding photos

Boy some pro photographers are FAST like 

  Take a look at theses amazing photos. I love them

Earthy look wedding bouquet !

When I opened my e-mail Sunday I had these amazing photos from an early June wedding I designed! I was thrilled to get pro photos from the bride. I am such a sucker for the earthy look, Just look at the textures and "green" look of this wedding. I used my own  home grow succulents, I also love the green cocks comb, and bunny tail. Thanks Shannon for sharing your photos with me.I love them

Bay pointe Inn wedding photos

What a crazy weekend of weddings! Michigan weather has been so hot and humid the air is thick. But my July brides are in full wedding mode. This beach wedding at Gun lake was fun. I also got to capture a few photos before I  left for the day. Soft romantic Calla lily's, and wispy grass is perfect for this beach wedding.

Kellogg Manor House wedding

Kellogg Manor House wedding

just look at the happy sunny flowers! Oh and the bride was very happy too. Such a fun color combo. I used Gerber's, gloriosa lily's, hydrangeas, Green orchids, Hot lady roses, spray roses, loops of lily grass(all my brides love) Pin cushion  Proteus, spider mums, purple lizzi and much more. stocked full of wonderful sunny Michigan flowers...

More purple weddings this summer

Here are a couple of photos I captured from a wedidng last weekend.. A lovely outdoor setting at The bride was a gem. She  was an older bride and knew just what she wanted. She also used her very vintage tea sets that I filled with flowers.  I hope to get pro shots soon...

Bay point inn wedding 2011

What a fun place to have a wedding! I just got listed on the vendor list and I am happy to say I have quite a few out here this summer, Look at the view, amazing. My first couple were a blast very easy and FUN. the grooms this year are super cool in their shorts and tops. LOVE it.

Pro photos from this past weekend

Just wanted to share theses are very nice. Thanks to ttp://

Sunday July 3rd

Lindly booked her July wedding with me last year. I had a really fun time with this one. She lives in AZ. so when she was home a couple of times we met and planed her flowers. It was a wonderful day for her. The church was downtown Battle Creek and the reception was at Gull Lake country Club. Her are a few photos I took. Cant wait to get some pro shots.