Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Little Bottles and flowers

Oh how I love little glass bottles! and even better I LOVE them filled with my flowers and herbs. I could not resist going out in the gardens looking for tiny things to place in theses neat jars I got this weekend at a garage sale. Yes I love the natural look it gives, Maybe that is why I tend to draw to all the outdoor weddings. what an amazing look for all the barn weddings I am doing this year and next. Enjoy

Friday, June 17, 2011

Lot's of purple in June

Lavender and purple are very pretty.

Just look at the yummy flowers I got to use.

I LOVE a bride who is all smiles.
Well Park Place Design wrapped up another wedding today on Friday. Again lavender and purple dominate the month for us. I know you see me using a lot of lily grass in my wedding work, nut really my brides ask for it! It is simple but adds soooo much charm and detail. Here is a few photos I took today. The bride love her bouquet and all went well.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lawton Community Center weddings

well wedding season is here full on BUSY for Park Place Design~ I am loving it. flowers, flowers, flowers. and with that comes amazing photos of my brides with their flowers. These just in from http://www.karenwardphotography.blogspot.com/  very nice. Thank you so much,
 The bride was from Grand Rapids and we met at the taste testing in March at the Lawton winery. She called we met and she booked. I love the deep purples it looks great in the photos.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Pro photos from Mill creek Barn wedding

Juts look at that yummy groom lapel flowers!!

I hung these from the arbor ~
Wow these are some great photos thanks http://joyreistererphotography.blogspot.com/  for getting some amazing photos to share! I just love them

Saturday, June 11, 2011

June 11th Saturdays wedding

A twist on the casscade wedidng bouquet.

This old table I painted  to use as my flower props!

Oh sooo yummy lapel flowers.

This weekends wedding was again a outdoor wedding with natures feel and elements to it. I am not really a huge fan of fern BUT I love maiden hair fern, succulents again (from My gardens) hanging amerunthus, Lambs ear (my garden) green orchids, curly ferns, cox comb, and Fuji mums. Field dahlias.
    I love the outdoors in Michigan Today looks like rain, But the sun is peeking out so I hope my bride gets her wishes for a sunny day. Enjoy~

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mill Creek Barn wedding June 4th

I love this lapel flower...

how adorable is this cake topper?

Full lush blooms of garden peonies, roses, larkspur,Lilly grass, tulips, fiddle head ferns, lizzy~ so much fun

As most of you know I LOVE succulents these come from my garden along with the herbs I used in the table flowers.
Well what can I say? I love a new venue and mill creek has it. What a fun out of the way spot. My mother and I delivered and set up this great rustic barn with fun lush, simple flowers. Here is some photos I happen to capture as the wedding went off with out a hitch!! get it Hitch!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Guest in my garden

Nothing I love better then flowers is cute little creatures enjoying them also. Today while in my flowers I was harvesting spearmint for a wedding on Saturday and I saw this amazing HUGE dragonfly! So I hurried back in the house for my Nikon. Lucky he was photogenic because I got many of him.

   Park Place Design will be off to the Lake Shore for a barn wedding. Cant wait to get some photos of this amazing wedding.. 

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