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Barn Shabby

My passion this last couple of years is barn weddings. OHHH what fun I love wooden slabs, moss,all types of elements. This  past January I displayed some really cool barn looks. Wheat grass,wood burned pieces, tin pails here are some of the looks I created with them. These prices were all desinger by me. Photos by

Birthday Treats..

So I love spring and I love to make crafts, This is a simple and CUTE treat I made for my daughters 10th birthday today! I am sure her class will love them. If you would like to make them just Google  Bird Nest treats have fun... Tracy


I now have 51 followers! its been a long hall BUT I have them... So If

CHRISTINE from Azalea floral design 
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will email me their addy I will send you a Easter treat!
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I just love them! over the last few years I have made hundreds of them I can make them in my sleep. So cute and yet simple. You can use carnations, button pomp's, roses, mums, even make paper pomanders. I have hung them in trees, set them in gardens, hung from chairs, doors any setting they work in. Here are a couple of photos from last years wedding at Henderson Castle . I love the BRIGHT green colors outside. enjoy~

This weeks giveaway

My lucky winners of the Flower Confidential book was:
                                       Kati from TN
                                       Margret from TX ~ Let me know when you get your books...
                         My lucky little bunny and blue bird winner was
                                       Elaine from Mi.. I know she got hers she said she loves them!
Passover is coming up soon, and the flower lady has been busy with her Easter crafts. This cute craft is a tube filled with chocolate and a paper  butterfly out of the tube! I would like to send one lucky person this cute little craft made buy me. Yours might be a different color as I am making many of them as gifts. If you would would like to win this and have me send it to you this is what you need to do.. Tweet this and come back and tell me your did (one entry) face book this and come back and tell me. (one entry)
Follow me and you get 2 e…

lady slipper orchids

lady slipper orchids ohh I just love them. I can by far say they are my #1 flower of all time. I love so many flowers but it still is my favorite. As one of my favorite blogs posted about these little cuties they way Amy I wish you would follow me!) I loved all the amazing bouquets she found and shared. Here is a bouquet I made for a bridal show a year ago.  I think it turned out amazing.. Simple, cute.

The perfect setting..

I have some of my favorite spots to design weddings at.  Southern Exposure Herb farm is one of them. This was a wedding last September I did for a amazing bride. I just love the look of theses photos. It shows the FUN, and the amazing flowers can and will impact on your wedding day. Flowers and the details I design for you will make a HUGE impact on your guest, you, and the photos. Just look at the photos...

It's In the handle

I have to say I love deigning wedding handles on bridal bouquets. I am always looking for a new charm or broach to adorn the bouquets I design. Here is a GREAT photos from my dear photos friend Jenna rose. She asked me to design bouquets for a shoot.   If your looking to add something just a little out of the ordinary to your wedding bouquet let me design something just for you.. Tracy