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Rose Production sent to the US

today I received a letter form one of my wholesalers about roses production.. IF your a bride wanting roses for your wedding you might want to rethink that at this time. Or be prepared to pay double what you normally would.


I will like to inform you that the rose production continues to be very low.   Last week and the first days of this week we had a very rainy weather with cold winds, this last two days, including today, we have sun but the temperature is very low, even in some areas they had register 0° Celsius and the same is happening in Bogotá.

As a consequence of this natural phenomenon all the production has been affected, At the field there are a lot of stems without bloom , what is call “ciegos” and also  many flowers that do not get to the stage of cut plus the fact that many sickness affect the field during this kind of weather.

All projections are falling; nobody knows what they will really have until the day of harvest.

All markets are suffering the same so you can imagine the prices that are being requested, Russians are taking what they can find at incredible prices, Europeans the same and the flower that is going to United States too.  

What I can tell you is that we have good and serious providers but against nature we cannot do much, I request your patience and we hope that things will get better soon.


Thanks for sharing that news. Might have to be thinking of a lot of rose alternatives in the near future. Lot's of brides here in the south want roses although I am noticing that the younger generation is often turning to another type of flower.

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