Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gull Lake Country Club Weddings

I got this little sneak photo today, I just love it, sunflowers are amazing this fall. Congrats you two. Thanks to Michael Terri studios I  love working  with you~

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kalamazoo Henderson Castle

My first wedding here at Henderson
under the arbor

Hendersn Castle Kalamazoo Mi

Love these very cool bouquets~
So this is my first wedding at the castle! Wow what a fun place. I love the old vintage feel and so romantic too. Here is my bride and groom I got to snap a couple of shots before I left for the day. Congrats you two have a wonderful life.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Milk glass vase fun

I just starting collecting Milk glass It seems to be all the rage for weddings this coming season for 2011. I love the vintage feel and look of it. I am also hoping my collection will grow this winter. I want  be able to offer it to my brides for their weddings.Just look at the great start I have. In only a couple of days. Well off to the flea markets~

Saturday, September 11, 2010

July wedding photos

I just love this bouquet~
Makes me happy the groom would wear this on his lapel~
Theses just in! My hair dresser got married on July 10th of this year! she planned  her wedding for a year. She was a wise and really great bride. I just received theses pictures from her today. Look at the great memorial charms we used on her bouquet and the grooms lapel flowers. Congrats Ashely :)

Rose Production sent to the US

today I received a letter form one of my wholesalers about roses production.. IF your a bride wanting roses for your wedding you might want to rethink that at this time. Or be prepared to pay double what you normally would.


I will like to inform you that the rose production continues to be very low.   Last week and the first days of this week we had a very rainy weather with cold winds, this last two days, including today, we have sun but the temperature is very low, even in some areas they had register 0° Celsius and the same is happening in Bogotá.

As a consequence of this natural phenomenon all the production has been affected, At the field there are a lot of stems without bloom , what is call “ciegos” and also  many flowers that do not get to the stage of cut plus the fact that many sickness affect the field during this kind of weather.

All projections are falling; nobody knows what they will really have until the day of harvest.

All markets are suffering the same so you can imagine the prices that are being requested, Russians are taking what they can find at incredible prices, Europeans the same and the flower that is going to United States too.  

What I can tell you is that we have good and serious providers but against nature we cannot do much, I request your patience and we hope that things will get better soon.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sept. 4th wedding

Love this shot of her flowers...
Here is the 3rd of my hoilday weekend weddings. This was a very nice wedding in Hastings Mi. he bride Lisa was a well planner. I got theses amazing photos from Jennifer at Thanks so much for sharing. The photos are wonderful.

First day of school 2010-2011

I really dont blog about my family to much. But this time I will Today Sept. 8th ALL my children are in school full time! It's really bitter sweet for me. My oldest son will be 21 in about a month. My youngest daughter stared1st grade! there is a huge age difference between my 1st and the 4th BUT I have 2 in between.
My 2nd born not looking to happy about this picture~
My new 1st grader
   SO today I have the 3 in school all day what am I to do with myself?? clean the house, take a nap? so many things to do. I am sure with being a business owner I will fill my days with desings, networking, new clients and many other fun things. Here's to a new chapter in my life~ Wish me luck....

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My "rocker" wedding

look at the shoes the groomsmen got to wear?
The groom a drummer!
Love the red hair.. How fun!
I had a great time with this wedding at Southern exposure herb farm this past weekend. What a great couple. Very  casual and free. Just look at the great fun wedding party! I used all hot lady roses, ya ba daba do orange roses, green mini hydrangeas. orange mini gerbra  daisy's, love the fun look... congrats Elizabeth~

Gull Lake Country Club Tuscan wedding

Lot's of neat details I carved theses for the tables
The bride had these on all the guest wine glass's
I used Rosemary, and fresh artichokes along with black magic roses, and HAPPY sunflowers!
This wedding had all the DETAILS.. The bride really did a great job using vendors with great tastes, and letting them help pull it all together..

4 brides 4 weddings...

Crazy busy holiday weekend full of weddings. I had weddings all over the country sides. From north, west, east.. Michigan is seeing some Oct. like temps. Here are a few photos of the flowers we here at Park Place Design did. Look at the flower girl how cute is she? Fall is here, I must say I am ready to see the flower colors change to the fall tones the look GREAT..

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ali Swaim from Iced Events

 I had the pleasure of working with Ali and her mother today!Ali Swaim is the Event Stylist and Coordinator behind Iced Events that specializes in creating unique custom candy and dessert buffets. "Inspiring Creative Event Design" She is amazing, I love her details. Just look at this YUMMY candy bar... I just added some cute, cherry sunflowers and vine pomanders and see how cute it is. Thank Ali I look forward to working with you soon.

Michigan Floral Workshop

Head over to my website and sign up Nature Frame Workshop | From Vision to Production September 19th 2...