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Last wedding in Aug.

WOW. Middle of the month and I just wrapped up Aug.  I am going on a little sabbatical.. Well only a about 22 days! Yes I am getting a little break from my wedding work. I am looking forward to a few days with no flowers coming. Not that I dont love it, Just it's that time of the season the kids will be back in school things are changing in the air and I am looking forward to the switch to FALL flowers... So Aug seemed the best time to do it.
   Here is Natalia in her wedding dress. She was a fun and easy bride. I did not get to take many photos but I did get to see her in her dress. The wedding took place at St Joseph Church on lake street and the wedding was at Gull  Lake Country club.

   Here is to all the fall bride I have lined up. Starting Sept. 4th it's going to be BIG!


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