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Mike and Amy Married

These amazing photos are just in from I cant tell you how much it means when a pro send me photos of my work. Oliver and I have worked a couple of wedding together and looks like next summer we will be too. Here are photos of Mike and Amy's July 23rd wedding at Gull lake Country club.


Rustic looks

I have a couple of weekends  off here in Aug. So I have no weddings to blog about so I thought I would talk about some of the fun, trendy,rustic, Barn weddings I have been doing. Boy I just love them.. I love all the cool elements I am desinging and all the great ideas I am seeing. here are a few of the ones I have put together for weddings.

Last wedding in Aug.

WOW. Middle of the month and I just wrapped up Aug.  I am going on a little sabbatical.. Well only a about 22 days! Yes I am getting a little break from my wedding work. I am looking forward to a few days with no flowers coming. Not that I dont love it, Just it's that time of the season the kids will be back in school things are changing in the air and I am looking forward to the switch to FALL flowers... So Aug seemed the best time to do it.
   Here is Natalia in her wedding dress. She was a fun and easy bride. I did not get to take many photos but I did get to see her in her dress. The wedding took place at St Joseph Church on lake street and the wedding was at Gull  Lake Country club.

   Here is to all the fall bride I have lined up. Starting Sept. 4th it's going to be BIG!

Kalamazoo Country Club

These amazing photos come form Hollis They are amazing~ I have the best people that send photos. Look at this July wedding at the Kalamazoo Country club. Amazing~

One hot bouquet

You may have seen this bouquet a time or two one this blog or on my site. I made it for a photo shoot and a display in my stuido. Well a bride seen it and had to have it. So here it is in action in a real wedding.. Thanks to Laura    @ she sent me theses great photos.
 It is an all silk bouquet...

Jodi & Ryan are married

On Saturday the first weekend in August, Jodi and Ryan said there vows in Kalamazoo at kindleberger Park. I happen to stay a few extra minute to get the bride in her dress and holding her flowers.

  It was a GREAT day for a wedding. Warm,sunny, not to hot. I think the groom looks a little like our presadent Barack  Obama. Or Tiger Woods~

Outdoor Decor'

Little simple things can make a BIG in-packed on your guest at a wedding. I just love the chair treatments I made for this wedding. Also the cute outside arbor was draped in garland. I used willow to bring the outside effect to it..Simple, fun, cute...

Great Saturday for an Outdoor wedding!

Jodi looked amazing in her dress! she was very calm and cool about the whole thing she loved her flowers too. The maids dresses were to cute. We decided on a soft pink at the last minute we could not match up a color very well in the Gerber's . They look GREAT.

Gull Lake Country Club Wedding

Boyce photography

These just in today! WOW what can I say.. theses photos are amazing.. Ck out my for more of theses photos

IN the cooler in Michigan

Well it's that time again. I have a few minute's  before I shut the door and call it a night..Just wanted to post a couple of cute desings I will be delivery to my bride Jodi On Saturday afternoon. Lot's of brides want to bring the outdoors's in. What better way to do it then wheat grass! I love it.. This cute little tray will go on Jodi's guest card table. Then after the wedding she can feed it to the bunny's..

Kalamazoo wedding photos

June wedding Simmon 2010

Patty was a bride that was SMART not only did she book Park Place Design for her wedding flowers she booked 14 months ahead for time! Patty also knew just what she wanted too. The right shades of pink for her maids and the right pink roses bouquet for herself. The photos are amazing they are amazing, her weding took place in Kalamazoo and the party at Gull Lake country Club.

Last wedding in July 2010

So bitter sweet seeing July end, Kids are home from camp all my summer weddings are coming to an end and now FALL will  kick in. This cute wedding took place in Battle Creek at a nice park. Mindy was a fun bride who like bright colors. Loving this water Mellon colors.. Her flowers matched really well.

Last of July's weddings...

Smiling faces at weddings are always a good thing. This bridal party was full of smiles.. Congrats Mindy have a wonderful married life...