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July 10th wedding Pro shot's

Here are some amazing shot's of one of 2 weddings I did on the 10th of July.. Good friend and GREAT photographer Deanna  Flora from sent theses wonderful shots. If you are in Battle Creek and need  great photos Deanna is one to check out. Thanks Deanna I love them...


Kenny & Leesa, are good friends of ours. We were thrilled that this past winter they announced they would be married July, 23 rd. Kenny& Lessa have been together for 12 years and have 2 great kids. It was only fitting that I do the bridal party flowers  for them, I was honored and Lessa was thrilled I had asked.. They had a really nice wedding small fun, with lots of charm..Congrats guys~

Happy brides = Happy desinger

Here is one of my Friday brides and her bouquet she was stunning and did not have her dress on cant wait to see the pro shots.. the flowers this week came in HUGE so the bouquets were huge too. Kellogg Manor weddings are so pretty.

Wedding Fridays

Today I have 2 wedding to deliver one to the Kellogg House at 12:00 and the other to Kalamazoo. Here is a sneak peak for the on at the Manor House. This is the 2nd one there this summer and they both have been purple. 6 brides maids and one Jr. Maid! I used Purple vandas, and white orchids, with Ocean song lavender roses! very pretty..

Happy Brides

I feel so blessed when I see my brides on their wedding day. How much joy it brings when I get to see photos of that day too. Here is Cameo and her groom. I miss them when the wedding is over.
  Well Friday the 16th I will add 2 more weddings to my 2010 list! It's also looking like 2011 is gonna be a HUGE year too. You better book NOW before it's to late~

Southern Exposure Herb Farm

These just in from small fun wedding July 3rd. The flowers were so pretty. It's easy to make Gerber's  look great. Thank Kendra for the awesome pics.

Busy weekend!

So here at Park Place Design It has been  busy week. 2 large wedding orders and 4 bridal bouquets for a "Trash the dress Shoot in Holland"!  Jenna  blog a few of the amazing photos ck it out. Her photos are   I can hardly wait to see the pics.. Should be a blast! Thanks Jenna for sharing this with me. By the way I had to snag this one I just love it.. Kitty loves flowers too..

Pro Pics..

So theses just in from Sara Price from priceless memories .com Thank you Sara for sharing theses with me.. This spring and summer pink is HOT. and Gerber daisy's are even hotter.

Southern Exposure Herb Farm July 2nd 2010

Oh How I love a happy bride. Anaya was a very happy and beautiful bride today. Her and I only meet one time they are from Chicago and we did most of the planing over the internet. What a sweet bride. Thank you so much for letting me design your flowers.