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Bridal Show flowers 2010

This hot pink bouquet with the green center was a fav. of all the brides maids. They love the bright colors and the lily grass tail. I must admit I do too.

This peacock, purple bouquet was very pretty the curly ferns as so neat turned to make a heart shape. The Morkara orchid's green fugi's, purple stock. and lavender roses, make purples and plums a favorite for 2010

Hastings is a smaller show for me. I wrapped up my final show Saturday, This show was a small intimate affair. I think by far my flowers took center stage. ( patting myself on the back) but really it was a great show and I look forward to working with my Hastings and surrounding bride's~

More bridal show photos

More bridal show photos. This casscade was a hit, brides love it! I am getting more and more request for them.

This flowergirl wand was also a big hit. Simple yet so cute.
I wanted to show some really cute yet cost effective center pc. ideas to my bride. I think this is lovely and very attractive too. enjoy~

Bridal Show Hastings Waldorff January 30th

I will once again be at the Historical Waldorf in down town Hastings on January 30th 2010. Come see me and many other great vendors show their displays . This is a nice fun show. The ball room is a great place to hold your wedding. The show is from 12-4 on Saturday the 30th. Please stop by on the 3rd floor and say hello. I will have fabulous flowers to show you!

Lady Slipper's

Here's a new and upcoming trend in orchids. The Lady slipper how cute are they? and what a great green color too. They also come in plumb. Oh la la sexy little thing she is!

The other side of my booth

I really tried to snap a photo of this bouquet to show the 2 curly ferns I placed them head to head to make a heart! This photo is taken by me~

See the moss monogram in the back? well thanks to my dear designer friend Janet I made one for myself! I love it. The lamp is always a hit. I think it would look great in an entrance way to the venue, maybe the guest card table.

Here are a few shot I received from Jennifer Mayo she is a photographer that was shooting picture the day of the show I was lucky to get so many from her. ck out her site at Thanks Jen

The Kalamazoo bridal show 2010

I wanted to display 2 very different style in the show this year. I lucked out and got two tables and on one side I did this really cool(I think) red and blue designs. I think it is stunning. What do you think?

Kalamazoo Bridal show Jan. 8th

I wanted a more Tiffany look to one side of my booth. I love Red and blues this year. Feathers are still going to be hot this year along with my tree's how cute is the box with red bow?

In the detail

2009 was a great year for me and detail! and looks like 2010 is going to be just as much about those little details that I LOVE so much. I can tell my 2010 brides have a lot of it on their minds. Some day I will be the designer that only does the little details(I will have others that do the BIG designs). Maybe it's my type A personality I always love to see the "little" things that make up a big event. Here is a collection of some of the details I made happen in 2009~

The New Green

I am so into the "Eco" natural look for summer weddings.. I had a great responds to my natural elements table at the show! Many Many brides wanting the out door look inside. here are a couple of pics I took of my wheat grass (by the way everyone was so ready to see the green grass) and the cute ring bearer pillow I made. The little succulent you see on the pillow is a mans lapel flower I actually went in my yard(yes in Jan.) and dug up a few under the snow! I added the herb Rose Mary to it also. The hens & chicks were just there under the ice and snow looking so cute and green. I grow many natural elements in my yard and this summer will be no exception. Lot's of herbs, succulents,zinnia, dusty miller,lavender. It will all be reused in the bouquets of Park Place Designs brides. I cant wait till summer!!

When Art Meets Art

Saturday at the Kalamazoo bridal I was able to show case a lot of my wedding designs and one good thing about flowers people LOVE them and they bring smiles to all. My good photography friends are always so willing to take artful photos of my work~ here is some of that ART MEETS ART..Stephanie Karen LOVE her work!!!

A Year Of Bouquets

I have seen on many of my designer friends blogs they are posting their bouquets from the year. I to will follow! Here are just a few of the wonderful bouquets I designed for my 2009 brides. It has been 6 years since I left my job, kicked myself in gear and starting living the dream. To all my gorgeous brides and grooms who trusted in me to create your flowers - Thank You! To my awesome husband who never complain (well to much) about me using his truck for deliveries or my meeting out of town brides on a whim. all the hours I spend in "his space" he spends his Saturdays watching our kids listening to me complain about flower related stuff. letting me stay home to be with our children. I am so grateful to the new friends I have made so many of us work from home and are able to meet and share our ideas with each other. What a talented and thoughtful bunch. I find you all so inspiring. To the awesome Missy P. who help me this summer, without you I could not have done so w…