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More from saturdays wedding

Here are more photos from the wedding at Gull Lake. I use the pomanders from the wedding and placed them on the tables at the hall.
You can really get a lot of uses out of the flowers you choose. Make sure you work with a designer that can utilize all your flowers..


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Love this amazing couple

Gull Lake Country Club wedding flowers 2016

We have added some really neat designs to tables this summer, and this blush pink wedding was no exception. Just a fun and romantic look with all the gold and silver accents.    

Southern Exposure Herb farm Battle Creek Mi

This venue has been a long time favorite of mine. The whole place is amazing the flowers I would die for in my own garden. The brides love the natural serene feel of this out of the way spot. here is one of my brides on her wedding day.  Taylor is amazing and the pinks are so pretty and lady like