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More from saturdays wedding

Here are more photos from the wedding at Gull Lake. I use the pomanders from the wedding and placed them on the tables at the hall.
You can really get a lot of uses out of the flowers you choose. Make sure you work with a designer that can utilize all your flowers..

mens flowers

I really hate to admit this s a wedding designer, BUT mens lapel flowers and corsages are my least favorite part of a wedding to design. If I can avoid it I DO!! BUT here are some great example of my lapel flowers~enjoy

men's Flowers

Gull Lake Country Club

Saturdays wedding went very well despite it looked like rain all morning and into the afternoon! As I drove to the event was hoping the rain would stay away knowing I had an arch to decorate and outside flowers to get up. But low and behold the rain stayed away and a little bit of sun came out while the wedding was going on. What a wonderful day it turned out to be~
My bride was radiant and so calm and cool.. She was so happy with her flowers too. They were simple but very cute. Happy wedding Alisha~

More Pro pics~

Pro Pics.

This past weekend I got to work with a photographer that I had also got the pleasure of meeting at a wedding we both did at Brook Lodge In May. We meet again at Brook Lodge in Sept. She gave me theses awesome photos of her's and my work. I cant thank you enough Tiffany~Francisco Photography

congrats to my 09/19/09 bride and groom

How cute are theses chair designs??

always a brides maid~

I am so loving theses maids bouquets they really popped out with the cute short gowns.

Check out the cute grooms men bout's...

Awesome Blooms~

My favorite venue once again Brook Lodge there is no going wrong with some great photos out there and today was so warm and sunny too.
My bride Camille and her mother I only meant with one time.. She booked me right out of Brook Lodges vendor list. She choose the most aw some color for maids dresses!
the brides dress was amazing too. Her flowers were Samura lily's,berries, curly fern, dahlias,swartz calla lily's. lily grass, orchids,vanda orchids.ti leaves wrapped around the base. STUNNING~

More of Saturdays Bride

The great thing about "networking" is that you get to see other peoples wedding photos, I took theses of one of my Saturdays brides post!
Elizabeth choose simple sunflowers for the maids to carry~ how cute.

Hastings Wedding september 12th

My 2nd wedding was a really a very pretty wedding with lot's of work to it. The bride Melissa was so pretty in her gown. She was a fun and easy bride. The reception was at the Barry Expo center she had 30 Tall center pc for her tables I also made a candy bar for her with neat monogram's of the new last name.
The flowers we used in theses center pc. are tiger lily's, pomp's, dark roses, and assorted fall pomps and greens with hanging ameranuths.

September Fall Weddings~

Kicking off fall is always bitter sweet for me! Tho I love fall it mean the end of summer and summer is always a fun and exciting time for me as a mother and as a designer!
Here are a couple of pics I got to take at my Sept. 12Th weekend weddings. Both bride use the "fall" theme but in very different ways I cant wait to get the pro pics back~
The fist wedding was at the Holiday Day Inn In Battle Creek Mi. This was my first wedding at the venue. very nice and very trendy look to it. The Bride used sun flowers and other fall type flowers I also made a set of heart shaped wreaths for the door of the church. The flower girl pomander was made with "viking" pomp's one of my fav fall pomp's.