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More of the Lake Shore

This was a bride that I had worked with for almost a year,the wedding was perfect and she loved her flowers.

Here are pro shots from Deanna from I also got theses today in my e-mail. I just love it when I receive them it's kinda like Christmas !! Thanks Deanna~ Love them

July wedding photos from the pros

St. Ann's Church

Here again are some really great photos I received from Remember When photography~ Stacy did an awesome job on theses photos. If you need photos for your wedding day she's does a great job. Thanks again Stacy

Pro shots

The flowers just popped~ I also added the brides grandmothers Rosary to the bouquet. I just love it. My bride was radiant. Thanks Toby for the great bridal photos.

Today to my surprise I opened my e-mail and had theses wonderful photos just waiting to be blogged
Toby Broughman took the time to send them to me I love them

Wedding weekends

I had 2 wedding last weekend and I never once snapped a photo of either one. I am hoping I get a few from the pros. But today in my mail the bride had a few for me! how sweet is that? and only 4 days after the wedding! She also had this to say about her flowers. I had sent her a wedding wire review of my performance~

Simple center pc for her table a gerber bloom lily grass and river rocks. Green votive square's for around the center pc. Simple but very cute.

Hi Tracy, I'll certainly complete the review. I'll have it done by the weekend I assure you, it will be a glowing review! Thank you again for doing such a beautiful job with all the flowers. Especially for all the extra items you added. That was such a wonderful surprise. I have a few pictures of the flowers taken by friends that I attached. I'll be sure to send more as they come in. Also, I know Toby, our photographer, got some great shots as well. Thank you for everything! Christine and Scott

How sweet is that?…

More great wedding photos

Wonderful photos from Stacy Yeiter Photography.
This wedding was at Yarrow July 3rd 2009. I uses Monkey tail, white roses, mini calla's.

The bridal bouquet was all vendella roses (28) with white mini callas, and aspidistra leaves~ The flower girl carried this wonderful Pomander~
The Maids and the bride got to use Blume Box's to hold their bouquets in. The maids carried brown curly fern,black mini callas, and lavender mini's with wisps of grass's.. Got to love this~~~

I got a little sample of a wedding I designed the weekend of the 4th.. can't wait to see the rest! Thanks for the tease Stacy

More from the 4th

I just love the way the back ground from the Kellogg Manor looks in these photo's~
The grounds are so pretty I am looking forward to designing many more weddings in the upcoming year. The bride choose great color combos for her flowers. These bright colored Gerbers really popped out in thees pictures. I used lily grass hanging from the bright cloled bridal bouquet.

Jenna Rose Photos

I have to give a big hello out to a new found photographer that just sent me some awesome pictures! Jenna Rose Photography out of Grand Rapids Michigan. These photos are just fantastic!

Kellogg Manor

The bride carried a bouquet for lt. pink Gerber dasiys, and Lilly grass loops. the maids carried small clutches of hot pink Gerber with bear grass trailing very outdoors looking!

July 4Th a great day for a wedding! and what could be better then a wedding at the beautiful grounds at Kellogg Manor? Today was no exception the grounds were awesome and the bride was so radiant! Sabrina was from the Lansing area and choose the grounds because of it beauty and also that is on Gull Lake. Here are a couple of shot inside the manor and outside on the grounds! breathtaking~

Yarrow Golf Club

Michelle had her reception at Yarrow it was fun to decorate such a great place. Here are a few photos I got before we left. This tall beauty looked great in the lounge. Of course I love to hang flowers from the pine trees too.

July 3rd wedding

Again pomanders for the church just really set it off. The ladies from the church LOVED the look and made many nice comments~

What a wonderful day for a wedding! sunny warm and perfect. This wedding took place at St. Ann's church in Augusta Mi. the flowers were all Lavender! I used fragrant, wonderful bloom's Stock, anomies, aster, roses and big aullim. I have to wait for pictures of the bride as she was not at the church as of when I left. But I do know the 2 wonderful photographers so I am sure they will forward so great shot's. Here's what I got~