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Church doors...

The maids all LOVED their flowers! they also had never seen their Blume Box's.I made theses as an add on last night very cute and trendy.

I love to add things to the surroundings and today I got to make a wonderful heart shaped wreath for the church doors.
The bride wanted her monogram n the center I just love the way it turned out too..

Reds for Late June!!

I had a Lake Shore wedding today. But did not get many photos. BUT I know the photographer very well and will get some great shots form her. Here is a red wedding that turned out very cute. I used many different textures for the bridal bouquet, Red freedom roses, mini green cybiduim's Queen Anne's lace, red ti leaves, wax flower, Fielddahlias,and ruscus. A lot of texture~ she loved it she started to cry..

More pro pics

Here is my bride Jaclyn she looks so pretty on her wedding day. Here flowers were Hot raspberry roses. Her maids used hypericum berries, hot raspberry, and a lit pink roses to accent her dress choice.

Photos by~

Great photos!

Nothing better then a bride who loves her bouquet, Here Becky checks out the monogram I attached to her handle ~ The tables were simple roses in square vases, simple but such a statement. Photos by

May wedding pro photos

Here was a bride that to had booked me in 2008. I loved that she also had picked pink flowers to go with her black and white brides maids gowns. Becky's bouquet was made up of 4 dozen pink Lidia roses with gardenia foliage.

I love these pro photo's from a wedding in did in May. Heather from took these very nice photos. My brides is raidant!


Last weeknd I got to design flowers for a dear life long friend Debbie, Her and I have know each other for YEARS!! she had a small out door wedding on Saturday with a few friends and family. I got to snap a couple of theses photos. She looks so happy too. Best of luck Deb and may you have many years of happiness!


I have really gotten quick at making theses fun and trendy balls of flowers. I love them know matter how many I have to make~ These looked great lining the path to the alter~

The bride had me make the ribbions in each of the colors of her bouquet~

June 13th weddings

My bride really wanted to use bright flower, she let me pick

I used mini lt. green cyb. orchids, mini Gerber dasiys, Fuchsia peony's,roses. purple lisantus , surrounded with emerald green pit. Really a bright bouquet for outside!! Love it~

I had two weddings today one small and the other a little larger. I woke this Morning thinking about my brides. It had rained all night so it was very wet and the whole day did not look any better. I took this wedding to Albion Mi. To Starr Commonwealth it to was going to be an outside wedding! The more I drove the darker it got! But the bride said the wedding was going to be outside and not in the chapel.
They got the chairs up and I stayed to see my bride in her dress I snap a couple of pictures and drove off as I was driving back the sun was shining through the clouds and it got really sunny, just in time for my bride to walk down the aisle. Here are …

My fav. Bouquet

Fun designs again

I also got to use my chair cones! they are really cute and can be made up in all colors. I also can add things to the cones..

How can you not love it when brides ask you for great fun stuff to design. Today I got to make a wonderful Hydrangea wreath. I love it I think it looks great. I hung it on the gazebo at the garden. See the monogram I used. How cute is that??

More great weddings today June 6th

Erin's Maids carried small clusters of Gerber Daisy's. with grass trailing from the handle. It looked stunning...

My 2ND wedding delivery was to Brook Lodge and as most of you know I love it there it is my all time fav wedding spot. Today was Erin's wedding day. She looked sooooo pretty and she also choose one of my all time fav. colors for her main colors Chartreuse green , I uses Mini callas, Fuji spider mums, green Cyb, orchids. Green Hydrangeas, Kermit pomp's, green roses, vendella roses, and aspidistra leaves, and bear grass. What a combo..

June starts with a BANG

Adding a monogram is really something I loved to do it really is a personal statement, Jaclyn loved it.. She was so beautiful

Here it is June 6Th and Affordable Elegance is kicking the month off strong!! here are a couple of pics of wedding I did today. The weather was amazing and the bride were so beautiful. It help that they LOVED their flowers too. It really does my heart good to here them say "I love it"
Here is my first bride Jaclyn he had water Mellon colored dresses.. So pretty!

Cake and eat it too..

This bouquet of flowers sat at the alter outside in the tent.

Here is the cute cake from the wedding this weekend The brides aunt made it and I of course put flowers on it.